The Educapeace history

« To create this association that is yours, I based myself on my past. My (primary) school curriculum took place at Nkol-Mbong Kama public school in southern Cameroon. Because of the lack of financial means, I had a huge problem with studies and health. Having left my country Cameroon about ten years ago, I built myself by learning for my future, for the youngest, for the underprivileged. » Thus, was born the association Educapeace.

Educapeace is in partnership with several public schools in Cameroon where each year we offer excellence scholarships and school supplies to children to encourage them to go to school. Each year we help over 700 children, and to date we have already built several drinking water wells.

Together we want to give children even more smile, allow them to go to school because we understood the value / power of the school, then allow them access to equipment such as drinking water, latrines, library ... To improve their living conditions, reduce the rate of school absenteeism, waterborne diseases and even mortality.

Our teams

France team

Cameroon team

• The EDUCAPEACE Cameroon antenna is declared to the prefecture of Wouri (Douala) under the number 715/2014 / RDA / C19 / SAAJP8.

• Our members ensure the flow of donations and the perfect achievement of missions in the event that an EDUCAPEACE France representative cannot be in the field.

• All accounting decisions and management remain under the control of EDUCAPEACE France with supporting documentation.


Educapeace in figures since 2014


The association EDUCAPEACE is a non-profit NGO created in 2014, registered at the sub-prefecture of Meaux under the number W771011659;
Educapeace also encourages / supports other associations by participating in their humanitarian events for the improvement of their projects (Unicef for its drinking water project in Togo), The bubble day for the disabled in Paris ...
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