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To develop our projects aimed at improving the living conditions of the most deprived in Africa, Educapeace partners with economic actors who share the same values ​​of commitment and solidarity as us and wish to help us carry out one or more joint project (s).

With your help and your collaborators, we can give hope!

You are interested in our action, how to become a partner?

Partner company or organization:

Many options are available to companies to support Educapeace:

Financial sponsorship: finance an entire project, a well-defined expenditure item or simply a specific topic.

• The construction of a drinking water well (ask for the quote),
• The construction of four latrine blocks (ask for the quote),
• Construction of mini school libraries (ask for the quote),
• Manufacturing or fitting out classrooms (tables and benches…) (ask for the quote).

Skills sponsorship: offer some of your employees to put their skills at the service of Educapeace for a fixed period. This approach will give a new meaning to their professional activity.

Donations in kind: make some of your resources or products available to our teams at headquarters or in the field, useful for the operation of our association and our projects. Your activity becomes a form of direct support for our daily actions in sub-Saharan Africa.

Shared product: pay Educapeace a percentage of the sale price of one of your products or services. You visually associate your brand with Educapeace and thus communicate directly on your commitment with us.

Event partnership: encourage your collaborators to participate in an event in favor of Educapeace (sports challenge for example) or organize a specific event for the benefit of Educapeace. You thus unite your teams around a humanitarian cause and you also benefit from the media spin-offs of the event.

In return:
Your logo and name will be displayed on the communication media: posters, flyers, films, website, social networks, see your logo on the funded project...

Are you an association involved in one of these three categories, education, health, water and sanitation? You can help organize one or more of our campaigns. You will be invited to the preparatory meetings, which will allow you to bring your ideas and skills and to exchange with all the partners. Your logo and name will be displayed on the communication media: posters, flyers.. We are open to any other suggestions. Do not hesitate to contact us to discuss your wish for partnership orally or by email. We will identify with you the methods best suited to your organization.

The association EDUCAPEACE is a non-profit NGO created in 2014, registered at the sub-prefecture of Meaux under the number W771011659;
Educapeace also encourages / supports other associations by participating in their humanitarian events for the improvement of their projects (Unicef for its drinking water project in Togo), The bubble day for the disabled in Paris ...
Donate by sending a check payable to the EDUCAPEACE Association at:
Pontault-Combault social center and culture 4 rue de l'orme au Charron 77340 Pontault-Combault
Or by credit card by clicking on the "I give" button below.
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